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Dare to Walk on New Paths

Will you dare walk on a new path? A path designed especially for you. Will you dare look deeply into the laws of life and find the footprints of the eternal now?

Will you gaze into the unseen and discover the creative power you possess? Will you see when everything around you is dark, and your current situation whispers the worse outcome?


Are you willing to let go of the stress, frustration, and worry that constricts your heart and quenches your voice? Place your belief in me and ascribe to my hope and desire for your life.

Please open your eyes again, and look in reverential wonder to see the grace and mercy I placed upon your life. My goodness surrounds you as a blanket, and I am with you.

As you walk with me, you will begin to discover who I am as I make myself known to you. Stand in my truth, and you will see my Salvation.

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