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 Over the last fourteen years, I have had many life-altering conversations with Holy Spirit. As a Prophetic Scribe, he ministers messages to me that was so deep it sent me on a path to seek out the Ancient Paths of God for my life. While going through one of the worst times of my life, Holy Spirit prophesied through my pen and invited me to see as he sees and hear as he hears. His voice and tangible presence comforted me while I faced multiple health crises, near-death experiences, constant chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and losing a large portion of my eyesight.


I questioned God's love for me more times than I cared to share, but each time he spoke, waves of pure love consumed my heart and made my existence bearable. He began to speak to me with empowering words that became my collection of greeting cards.

 One day as we communed, he said to me, "Turn your heart out to those I show you" (I asked: Who are they, Lord). He said, "The number is endless, the ones who still feel the hurt and the pain. Tell them how much I love them. Share with them the heart-gripping love that no one in the universe can give them but Me."


The cards I created are words he spoke to my heart when I felt alone and helpless, depressed, and felt death was better than the pain I experienced. Each time I would faint in my heart, and the darkness surrounded me Holy Spirit would speak and encourage me to press into him until I entered into the light of truth. He brought me from the shadows of death as a living demonstration of his progressive healing power. He comforted me in my afflictions and tribulation so that I can comfort others who are in need with the same comfort that I myself received from God. (2 Corinthians 1:4)

I pray that you experience the tangible love of God and that you encounter him in fresh new ways as he strengthens, and fortifies you now and in the times to come. God is right where you are, and he is ready to impart his grace and mercy to you!


Many Blessings to You

 Chantay Miller is an Ordained Minister and a Certified Pastoral Counselor through the National Association of Christian Counselors. She believes that the Word of God is the greatest therapeutic solution for life’s difficult issues, it is the divine healing balm that is able to  redeem, restore and revive our souls.