About Me





Thirteen years ago, while thriving in a new Real Estate career,  I developed a life-altering illness that changed my life forever. I was diagnosed with Pseudo-tumor Cerebri, which causes increased intracranial pressure in my brain and causes swelling of my optic nerves. The swelling resulted in severe vision loss, and the accumulation of fluid on my brain resulted in having a VP shunt placed in my head to control the pressure on my brain. For the next several years, I was in and out of the hospital and doctor's office, suffering from extreme vision loss, frequent headaches, difficulty walking, memory loss, brain fog, and at times, inability to speak. I lost my career, home, vehicle, and independence. I was medically disabled and collecting disability insurance for over eight years.

During this season in my life, I encountered Holy Spirit in ways that I can't even explain. Tangible waves of God's love and comfort surrounded me and sustained me in the darkness, reviving my hope in God's love and promise for me. 
Although the pain remained, I had divine visitations to endure the severe pain, anxiety, and depression. From this place of divine awakening, words of life and healing began to flow from my spirit, and Eye-Opening Expressions was birthed.  These words of life revived my soul and renewed my life force. 

I have been brought from the shadows of death as a living testimony of the progressive healing power of God. I pray that these any-occasion greeting cards will encourage, strengthen and fortify your spirit, soul, and body. I pray you tangibly experience the love of God that is beyond anything we can ever imagine as you move forward. 
God is right where you are, and he is ready to reveal the treasure that is within you!

Blessings to you,


Chantay Miller