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 Over the last fourteen years, I have had many life-altering conversations with Holy Spirit. As a Prophetic Scribe, he ministers messages to me so I can share his heart with those I meet. He has indeed been a true friend and a comforter to me. While going through one of the worst times of my life, he began to speak words of comfort that strengthened me in my inner man to face the challenges I was going through. Holy Spirit prophesied through my pen and kept me from going over the edge while coping with near-death experiences, multiple health issues, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and losing my eyesight and independence while trying to live life.

I question God's love for me more times than I care to share. After I lost a large portion of my sight, I wondered how God could allow his children to suffer so much pain deep down in my heart. 

 He prophesied through my pen words of life, inviting me to see as He sees. He surrounded me with his tangible presence, and I experienced waves of pure love out of this world. 


One day as we communed, he said to me, "Turn your heart out to those I show you" (I asked: Who are they, Lord). He said, "The number is endless, the ones who still feel the hurt and the pain. Tell them how much I love them. Share with them the heart-gripping love that no one in the universe can give them but Me."


I promised him that I would share the words that he gave me. As an Empath/Feeler, he gave me new purpose and direction for the gift he entrusted to me. When my hope was gone, God believed in his word spoken over me before the foundation of the world.


The cards I created are words he spoke to my heart when I felt alone and helpless, depressed, and felt death was better than the pain I experienced. He brought me from the shadows of death as a living demonstration of his progressive healing power. 

I pray that you experience the tangible love of God and that you encounter him in a fresh new way as he encourages, strengthens, and fortifies you now and in the times to come. God is right where you are, and he is ready to reveal the treasures within you!

Many Blessings to You

 Chantay Miller is a Spiritual Resilient Heart Coach who works with Empaths/Feelers, Caregivers, and Encouragers to help them realign and connect with their Kingdom Identities. From the place of oneness with the Holy Spirit. She coaches clients to live empowered lives being fully present with the grace of God to meet the demands and challenges of their specific circumstances. Chantay walks alongside her clients, holding loving non-judgemental space for them, motivating them, and keeping them accountable during their transformational healing process. She ministers in inner healing with proven scientific techniques that interrupt the stress and trauma responses and bring the body back into coherence.


​Chantay Specializes in Identity, Mindset, Heart Position and Stress and Trauma

When our inner world is established on eternal kingdom truths, our outer world will come into alignment. "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" Proverbs 23:7


Chantay is Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Temperament Counselor through the National Association of Christian Counselors. She is an Ordained Pastor who previously served as Administrator for Voices of Christ Literary Ministry and The Scribal Conservatory Arts and Worship Center.