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You are Royal

You are Royal


Royalty is uniquely different from

fame, power, and wealth

It is a Holy calling that

proclaims your divine status


Royalty cannot be discarded in

the fire of opposition nor denied

under the weight of external circumstances.


You were adopted into the bloodline of the King

The scepter of grace and mercy has been

extended to empower you

to accomplish the full scope of your calling.


Don't  worry, Holy Spirit is with you

to equip you for your assignment.

You are being summoned 

to new realms of possibilities


Rise up take your place

and draw strength from

Christ Jesus our Lord



  • Details

    This greeting card establish our position in Christ and calls for his grace, help and strength to carry out his divine plan for our lives. We can come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain strength in the time of need. We are Kings and Priest unto our God.
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