You are Royal

You are Royal

Royalty differs from fame, power and wealth
Being royal requires you to understand that you were created
for a divine purpose
But you must be willing to receive heavens
direction to fulfill your assignment

Royalty cannot be discarded in
the fire of opposition nor will it
dissolve in the face of your uncertainties.

You have been adopted into the bloodline of royalty
and the scepter of the King has been tilted in your direction to empower you with his authority and his strength

Don't worry, you are being equipped for your journey
You have a royal seat in heavenly places
and you are being invited to come up on
the high ground and draw life from
Christ Jesus our Lord.
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    This greeting card establish our position in Christ and calls for his grace, help and strength to carry out his divine plan for our lives. We can come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain strength in the time of need. We are Kings and Priest unto our God.