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The Ancient Paths

The Ancient Paths

Listen to the voice of the Patriarchs whispering in the wind
They are reminding us of the things to come

The Blood of our Savior
cries out as it runs through the streets
He is seeking to vindicate you
to redeem you and to release you from your burdens
as he draws you into his presence

You must not allow the trials and tribulations
of this life to separate you from his love

You must gird up your mind
and embrace the vision of the King of Glory with dedication

Carry the torch
that has been ignited by the reality of Jesus

Walk into the hidden paths
where the illumination of God's truth
is unveiling the ancient paths

For it will carry you across
the threshold of complacency
into your promise

You are not alone
Don't faint in your season of expectancy
For it is now reaping time
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