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Riding the Wings of Faith

Riding the Wings of Faith


Riding the Wings of Faith


From the shadows of tragedy appear pain, regret and fear.

They wait to plague your soul through the pounding of despair


But there arises another, with her arms

open wide, standing to comfort you

and nourish you back to wholeness


Her name is Faith

For as a mother runs to embrace her broken

child, so she rides on the wings of the wind,

securing your steps in the midst of adversity.


Faith picks you up when you begin to fall, 

she wipes the tears from your eyes and will

dust discouragement off your garment.


Faith is colorblind and speaks a universal

language.  Faith breathes the fire of hope on 

your dreams to keep them alive in your dry place.


Don't let Faith go, for she holds in her hand

keys that will unlock, hidden strength.  This

strength will cause you to rise above

opposition and become a conqueror.


She will sear the vision of our Father on the forefront of your mind and empower you to  trust and believe

that all things will work for you.


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